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Commercial Tree & Shrub Services In McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, Plano, & Nearby Areas in the DFW Metroplex

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Commercial Tree & Shrub Services in & Around McKinney, Frisco & Prosper, TX

Shrub trimming and pruning, tree removal, and tree trimming and pruning services for commercial properties and HOAs.

Trees and shrubs are beautiful features on your landscape that give life to your commercial property or HOA. Here at B&C Landscaping, we offer commercial tree and shrub services that focus on keeping your plants in tip-top shape and safely removing trees if necessary! Our commercial tree and shrub services include tree removal, shrub trimming and pruning, and tree trimming and pruning. We follow a time-tested and detailed process when trimming and pruning your trees and shrubs to maintain their optimum condition while preventing any stress to their health. Our team will also ensure your trees are completely and safely removed from your property for whatever reason! We offer these services to businesses and HOAs in McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, TX, and nearby communities. Call us today at (214) 680-5296 to sign up!

Have Trees Removed From Your Commercial Property or HOA Grounds Via Our Tree Removal Service

Branches and trunk of a cut down tree in McKinney, TX.

If there are trees on your commercial property or HOA grounds that you want to get rid of, we offer a tree removal service to take care of the situation for you! The first thing we'll do is assess the tree. We want to determine any areas of concern, like branches and limbs that are near your building and power lines, so we can be extra careful when cutting them down to avoid damage. Our team is thorough and safe during the tree removal process. We will cut the tree down branch by branch and divide the trunk into several sections to get the job done safely. We also use various tools and equipment to remove your tree for optimal efficiency.

After removing your tree, we will take its parts to a recycling facility to dispose of it properly!

Keep your trees and shrubs in perfect condition through trimming and pruning.

Worker in McKinney, TX, trimming a tree branch.

Overgrown, unruly trees and shrubs can make your commercial landscape look unkempt, but we will trim and prune them to ensure they are manicured and healthy during the year. Our trimming process is fairly straightforward and involves cutting down overgrown and long branches that make your plants look messy. We will methodically cut them down one by one, religiously checking them to monitor how they look as we go about the process. We'll make sure that your trees and shrubs will be neat and pristine to help boost your commercial property's curb appeal.

Meanwhile, pruning your trees and shrubs entails a more scrupulous process because it focuses on maintaining their health. We will carefully inspect them to pinpoint areas of concern that are showing signs of disease, weakness, or infestation so we know which branches to get rid of. Our team will use the proper tools to remove problematic parts from your trees and shrubs to prevent any health issues from spreading and affecting other healthy parts. What's more, we also prune them to promote new growth, improve airflow, and allow more sunlight to filter through so they can grow healthy and beautiful.

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Here at B&C Landscaping, we offer commercial tree and shrub services to businesses and HOAs in McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, TX, and nearby areas. Our crew will make sure the trees and shrubs on your property are thriving and looking good throughout the year so they can enhance the visual appeal of your commercial grounds, though we also handle any removals to suit all your needs! Give us a call today at (214) 680-5296 to enroll in any of our commercial tree and shrub services.