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For 23 years, B&C Landscaping has been a go-to company for exceptional landscaping services, thanks to our customer-centric approach. Our success lies in our commitment to investing in continuous employee training, equipping them with the best training and knowledge to deliver outstanding results. Our outdoor services include lawn care, landscape design and installation, irrigation, drainage, and more.

Our services are available to homeowners, business owners, and HOAs in the McKinney, TX, area, including nearby areas such as Frisco and Prosper. Call us at (214) 680-5296 to schedule any of our outdoor services today!

Our Story

Home with healthy grass in McKinney, TX.

Founded in 2001, B&C Landscaping began as a small lawn maintenance provider under the leadership of owner and founder Bill Ticer. Bill's previous experience, gained over many years working at Chemlawn, taught him the importance of quality work and customer satisfaction. His dedication to these values helped build a loyal customer base over time, and as the business grew, Bill realized the need for a team that shared his passion and values.

In 2011, Carole Ticer, Bill's wife, joined B&C Landscaping on a full-time basis, bringing her expertise to the back office. Carole's presence streamlined operations and contributed to the company's continued growth. Today, thanks to Bill, Carole, and the team's hard work, B&C Landscaping thrives as a leading provider of lawn, landscape, and irrigation services!

More than 80% of our staff have been with us for over a decade!

Our Mission

At B&C Landscaping, we pride ourselves on being a service-oriented company that goes above and beyond to provide our community with exceptional services. Our mission is total customer satisfaction by delivering thorough and efficient services through highly motivated employees and continuous follow-up. We believe that our team is at the core of our success, which is why we are dedicated to providing ongoing education and training in the field, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends. This approach enables us to provide our customers with effective solutions for their lawn, landscape, and irrigation needs.

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Are you a business owner looking for lawn maintenance services that are reliable and consistent? Or maybe you're a homeowner looking to transform your backyard into your dream outdoor living space? Either way, our team at B&C Landscaping is here to help you achieve your goals! We offer efficient and reliable services to commercial properties, HOAs, and homeowners. Our services are available in McKinney, TX, as well as nearby areas such as Frisco and Prosper. Give us a call at (214) 680-5296 to schedule any of our services today!