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Commercial Lawn & Landscape Services In McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, Plano, & Nearby Areas in the DFW Metroplex

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Commercial Lawn & Landscape Services in McKinney, TX & Surrounding Areas Including Frisco & Prosper

You can trust us to maintain your commercial property or HOA with professionalism and efficiency.

At B&C Landscaping, we love creating amazing outdoor spaces for commercial properties and HOAs. We offer design and build services that include installing various hardscape features, such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, seating walls, and more! If you want your property to receive the care and attention it needs throughout the year to stay looking its best, you'll want to take advantage of our commercial grounds maintenance service. We also offer irrigation services that you can take advantage of to keep your grass and plants hydrated, as well as tree services to keep your trees in good shape.

Our commercial lawn and landscape services are available to business owners and HOAs in McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, and other nearby areas in Texas. Give us a call at (214) 680-5296 to schedule any of our commercial services today!

Commercial Landscape Construction

Outdoor kitchen in McKinney, TX, equipped with a grill.

At B&C Landscaping, we provide commercial design and build services to help you create the perfect outdoor space. We install various hardscape features, such as patios, walkways, outdoor steps, retaining walls, seating walls, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and more! We can also install new landscape beds or renovate your existing ones to add to the overall beauty of your commercial property or HOA. If you want to see how any of your projects will look when they're finished before the installation even begins, you'll want to take advantage of our landscape design service. When you do, we'll create a 2D design rendering of any of your projects so you can get a preview of them!

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Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Commercial landscape bed next to main road in McKinney, TX.

Our commercial grounds maintenance service provides all the necessary services to keep your property looking professional and your greenery healthy. We offer a 12-month program that includes lawn care, maintenance, and landscape bed services. When you enroll in our program, we will visit your commercial property or HOA 40 times per year to perform our services. During our visits, we will mow, string trim, and edge your lawn, and blow away any debris afterward. We will also take care of your landscape beds by trimming shrubs and removing weeds from them. We will also fertilize your lawn to provide it with the nutrients it needs to thrive and apply weed control treatments to keep weeds from taking over your turf!

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Our grounds maintenance service also includes quarterly audits for your irrigation system!

Commercial Irrigation Services

Sprinklers watering lawn in McKinney, TX.

We provide a range of commercial irrigation services, such as irrigation installation, backflow testing, and repairs. We offer smart irrigation systems that can be connected to Wi-Fi and are for both traditional sprinkler systems and drip irrigation. We can also make repairs to your irrigation system if needed and can test your backflow prevention device to ensure it is functioning properly.

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Commercial Tree Services

Large parking lot at shopping plaza in McKinney, TX.

We offer various tree care services to commercial property owners and HOAs. If your trees need to be trimmed to maintain their aesthetic appeal, we can trim them for you! We can also prune them as needed to remove problematic parts such as branches that are dead, dying, diseased, or infested with insects. If for any reason you need a tree removed from your property, we can do that too!

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We take pride in offering exceptional commercial lawn and landscape services to businesses and HOAs in McKinney, TX, as well as in nearby areas like Frisco and Prosper. We have a ton of experience in the industry and have honed the skills necessary to provide reliable outdoor care and maintenance. To schedule or enroll in any of our services, call us at (214) 680-5296 today!